Art and Music in the Caves

The Caves have been home to many kinds of artistic performances and events during their life time. Military bands and Opera singers during the 1930's, and during the War the theatre was used for a regular childrens' dance troupe, music hall shows, dances or community hymn singing, when it wasn't being used as a cinema.

After the War there was a regular club scene, from Country music, skiffle, and Jazz to rock'n'roll, with most of the big names of the day appearing a few times.

At least one school play appeared in the 1950's, too.

The walls of the Caves are soft. and have carvings from bored sentries during the First World War, thousands of initials, faces and dates from the shelterers during the Second World War, and a magnificent carving that took an artist eighteen months to produce.

The walls are unsuitable for paintings, but where there are brick walls, some have been used for appropriate painted scenes.

The Caves themselves have been used as location for many films, ranging from Enid Blyton and Dr Who, to a science-fiction classic INSEMINOIDS and Merlin.

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